5,000 middle finger NFTs for you, for free

Literally anything but a cash grab from Josh Hart

Why on earth?

Because I'm in this space for real and I beieve that NFTs are the future.

Here are 5,000 middle fingers for free, as a statement against celebrity cash grabbers entering the NFT space without serving the community.

This project is for those who believe my interest is sincere and those who don’t. Happy collecting!


1% minted


10 lucky minters get 2 tickets to a game.

50% minted


Nothing else! No strings attached.

100% minted


Seriously... they’re free. Enjoy ‘em!

In collaboration with Tally Labs

Tally Labs, the team building Jenkins the Valet, dreams up worlds, characters, and tools to make the Metaverse a better place.

We also hate celebrity cash grabs. Just like Josh Hart.